What is Soy Sauce?


Soy sause, as its name suugests is a dark, salty sauce made from fermenting soybeans. Soy sauce is traditionaly used in many Asian cuisins, and Japanese in particular. A small bowl of soy sauce (per person) is a must in sushi dinning since you dip almost any kind of sushi in it.

How to use Kombu in sushi?

When preparing the sushi rice, just before you turn up the heat or start the rice cooker, throw in a small piece of Kombu. About 5 by 5 cm of Kombu should do for an average 3 cups rice batch. It is helpful at this point to make slits in one or more sides of the Kombu to help release its flavors.

Where can I get me some Kombu?

As in most sushi ingredients, you can find Kombu in your local Asian food store or Japanese market. This product is also avaiable on our online store and through the link below.