Dynamite Sushi (by Claire)


  • 2 cups sushi rice.
  • 2-3 nori sheets
  • BBQ eel
  • avacado
  • scallion
  • crab sticks
  • small cream cheese
  • crushed macadamia nuts

Making the roll

The following recipe is suitable for Inside Out rolls.

  1. crush macadamia buts.
  2. place nori on rolling mat.
  3. spread the sushi rice all over nori except about 2 cm from the edges.
  4. lay down your eel, avocado slices, scallion, crab sticks and cream cheese on the nori.
  5. roll the nori inside out.
  6. take the ready inside out roll and roll it in crushed macadamia buts.
  7. deep fry for a few seconds, and slice.
  8. serve with spicy mayo and eel sauce drizzled on top.